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Long Beach High School Concert Choir

Long Beach, Mississippi


Long Beach Concert Choir Association

The Long Beach Concert Choir Association(LBCCA) is an organization that is comprised of interested persons, family members, alumni, and friends of the choir who give support to the rich choral history that has been sustained for over 30 years.  This organization assists the directors with fund-raising, travel, and organizational duties that aide in furthering the musical education of the students.  The executive board members of this association are as follows:

Terry Walker, Director of Choral Activities

Brian Chancey, Associate Director of Choirs

2020-2021 Executive Officers

*Kim Strebeck, President

*April Rankins, Vice President

**Lori Cripple, Treasurer

*Melissa Sanzin, Secretary

*Marcee Bartman, 12th Grade Representative

*Jennifer Sanderson,, 11th Grade Representative

*Leah Banks, 10th Grade Representative

Ashley Bullock, 9th Grade Representative

*Elected annually

**Treasurer is appointed by Executive Board

All Parents are strongly urged to be an active and contributing member of this organization to ensure support and encouragement that is due to the students.

Contact Information

Terry Walker

Director of Choral Activities

Long Beach High School
300 East Old Pass Road
Long Beach, MS 39560

Brian Chancey

Associate Director of Choirs

Long Beach High School
300 East Old Pass Road
Long Beach, MS 39560


P.O. Box 518

Long Beach, MS 39560

LBCCA Treasurer (Lori Cripple)