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What is Remind?
Remind 101 is a website that provides a safe way for teachers to text message or email students and parents.

How does Remind work?
First, a teacher adds his/her class, which generates a unique code. The teacher then shares that code with
students or parents. At that point, any student or parent who sends a text message with the code will be
"subscribed" to the teacher's class. Any time a teacher sends a message from Remind 101, all the students or
parents subscribed will receive it. Using this method, no one knows each other's cell phone number; the
teacher only sees a name in his/her sign-up list online, not phone numbers.

Is Remind 101 Free?
The service is free, but standard messaging rates apply.    So ,if you do not have unlimited texting on your cell
phone's data plan, you might be charged for each text message.

Why does my child’s teacher want to use Remind 101 to communicate with students?
Kids today are very busy and they communicate primarily by text. The purpose is to provide students with
timely reminders of assignments or upcoming performance/tests, as well as send them encouraging messages that hopefully motivate and uplift them. These messages travel one-way only, from the teacher to students and/or parents. It is very safe and hopefully very effective.

Parents, I encourage you to sign up for these messages along with your child so that you can stay up to date
with what is happening in our class!

Long Beach, Mississippi